Ireland Round Trip – Galway to Dublin


After you have read in the first article about my Ireland tour from the ascent to Croagh Patrick and from the first tour through the west of Ireland, you will now continue your holiday in Ireland with exciting impressions of the “Green Island”. I have already written that I had taken precautions if I didn’t see any sheep in Ireland. So I would like to introduce the two of them briefly:


Hearty and Darky on a journey with us in Ireland

Hearty and Darky would have had to stand model if no Irish sheep had walked in front of the lens. But that was not the case. There are sheep here in every corner of the world.


Auch in alten verfallenen Häusern kann man Schafherden entdecken.

Galway – pulsating university town in the west of Ireland

Today Galway is on the program in my Ireland vacation. Let’s go from Westport via the R330 and N84 to Galway. Here you can get wonderful impressions past Lough Mask and Lough Corrib. The Abbey Ballintober, Cong Abbey and Ross Abbey are also great stops along the way.

After Dublin and Cork, Galway is Ireland’s third largest city. With approx. 75,000 inhabitants compared to German conditions, it is rather a small town – somewhere between Bamberg, Lüneburg or Worms. With this number of inhabitants, Galway in the west of Ireland is the centre.

The visit is definitely worthwhile to see a bigger city after the nature impressions and small villages. The student life here is also more busy, but still everything is manageable.


Downtown Galway with small pubs and wine bars


The historical residence of the Lynch family in Galway – Lynch Castle – is said to have been the birthplace of the word “lynching”.


Beautiful Irish music by young musicians is often heard in this city.

Up to the island in Ireland vacation – at least peninsula: Achill Island

After this “city tour”-tour the next day the focus will be on nature again. We will travel to the Achill Island Peninsula – Ireland’s largest island and one of the most westerly points in County Mayo. I take the N59 from Westport via Newport to Achill Island.

This is not only the shortest route from our cottage, but also a beautiful route. Green meadows, lakes, mountains and later dunes, sloping cliffs and bays dominate here – all Ireland has to offer in one tour. Oh, and of course sheep.


Falling cliffs line today’s ride.


Steep gorges fall into the Atlantic Ocean.


Sheep exercise on the steep slopes to get hold of the greenest grasses.

I take Atlantic Drive in the south and west of the island, as it offers the best view of the open and wild sea to end up in Keem Beach. This is the most westerly point on the island that can be reached by car. The way to get there leads over a narrow serpentine road, which gives me a lot of pleasure while driving. You have to like serpentines.

On foot you can still walk on the hills if you want to have a nice view over the surrounding area or if you want to go for a walk. This day is determined by the wild Irish weather, otherwise I would have had a great picnic in the bay. As compensation, however, there is a seal in the bay, which stretches its head out of the water from time to time.


The Keem Beach on Achill Island – ideal for a picnic in fine weather.


This can happen in Ireland – sheep on the golf course.

On the way back I notice another golf course on Achill Island, which I wouldn’t have recognized as such at first sight, because there are more sheep than golfers on it. So Hearty and Darky can stay in the warm pocket.


Minaun Cliffs at the end of a sandy beach – an impressive place in good summer weather.

Also, coming from this side I can see the cliff, the Minaun Cliff, much better. If the weather is fine, it certainly looks even more impressive. The nearby Cathedral Rock Cliffs are even higher than the famous Cliffs of Moher. But in this foggy weather, I decided not to visit.

With the impressions of a changing landscape behind every bend, I return to the holiday home after shopping in Westport for the evening and the next few days.


Westport is a picturesque city in the west of Ireland – but a centre in the sparsely populated region.

Sligo – City on the Garavogue River

Another charming place in western Ireland is Sligo. And that’s where I’m going on holiday in Ireland today. As a route from Westport I take the N5, N58 and N26 to Ballina and then the N59. On this route I pass beautiful landscapes with lakes and hills. 30 kilometers before Sligo I see then again on the Atlantic Ocean.

After visiting Sligo, I drive back to Sligo and visit the beautiful Lough Gill and the Parke’s Castle. Unfortunately, only from the outside. Because it’s late again and at 6:30 pm it’s closed.


From a forest on the edge of the shore a wonderful view over Lough Gill


Unfortunately, I can only see the picturesque Parke’s Castle from the outside.


Thanks to its natural surroundings, Parke’s Castle is also a fascinating place from the outside.

Fairytale castle at Lough Corrib – Ashford Castle

I’ve learned to do that. Today we only have to take a ride on the R330 and N84 to Ashford Castle. After all, picturesque landscapes are once again on the way – with such intense colours as in the ink fountains of my school days.


Lakes near Ashford Castle.

Ashford Castle impresses me very much. The path across the drawbridge reminds me of medieval films. Only that there is no dirty, dark castle here, but a true fairy tale castle with crenellations and little towers at all corners.

For 100 years, the Castle was the private residence of the Guinness brewery family. You can see how much money you can earn by brewing beer. In the meantime, everyone can stay there overnight, because it is a hotel.


The dreamlike fairytale castle Ashford Castle at Lough Corrib.

The last days of holidays in Ireland

The return journey is imminent and we will return to Dublin. But I make a small detour to Birr to see the castle, the connected gardens and especially the telescope.

I had seen a report about this telescope shortly before leaving Germany. My curiosity was aroused, because it was built in 1840 and for 70 years it was the largest telescope in the world. In Ireland? I didn’t think so.


The telescope at Birr Castle looks like a cannon was the largest in the world for 70 years.

Dublin – more than just a capital city

The last days of holidays in Ireland I spend in Dublin. The cultural and vibrant heart of Ireland – traditional yet cosmopolitan. An exciting mixture. Dublin I dedicate my own contribution in my blog. That is why I would like to end here with traditional impressions of Dublin and go back to Germany. See you soon, Ireland. I’ve grown fond of you and I’ll come back.


Dublin Castle and the Christchurch Cathedral are two of Dublin’s traditional landmarks


Popular with tourists: Temple Bar Pub in the In Quarter Temple Bar.

Conclusion: Ireland is worth a visit – also in September. But you don’t have a good weather guarantee and you always have to adapt your program to the weather. On this island, the nature is still very original in many places. Due to the many changes in the weather, new fascinating impressions of picturesque places arise again and again.

The previous excursions in my Ireland vacation have taught me that even on the paths to the “real” places of interest there are always stops in between, just because of the picturesque nature. Therefore, on my next trip to Ireland I will plan fewer attractions per day and get involved even more in the coincidences on this island.

Duration of the trip: For the Ireland tour described by me in this and the first part of the tour you should take at least 12 rather 14 days time.

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