Top 8 sights in Hanover for a day trip


I came to Hanover for a short stay. Rather, I came because of the cebit signals, which are lectures about influencers and marketing. Since I am not only travelling because of the cebit, I stayed a little longer and visited some sights in Hanover.

List of my top sights in Hanover for a daytrip

  1. Hanover Market Hall
  2. Market Church
  3. Krämerstraße
  4. New Town Hall
  5. Maschpark
  6. Maschsee
  7. Sprengel Museum
  8. Aegidien Church

Meanwhile I like to travel by train, especially in Germany. Especially if the connection is good. Well, what can I say: From Guxhagen to Hanover I need only 1 hour by train ½ hours. So the means of transport is quickly chosen to take a look at the cebit and the sights in Hanover.

When I get off in Hanover and set off for my hotel, I turn around again. Wow, the train station in Hanover is worth seeing. If I now go a little further and take the equestrian statue with me … yes, nice.


Let’s see what google maps says where my hotel is: G-r-a-n-d-H-o-t-e-l-M-u-s-s-m-a-n-n. Click, calculate … ah ok. 2 minutes on foot. I look briefly in the direction, in which my Navi would like to lead me, and can already see the hotel. Perfect! No foot march.


After I have moved into the room, I immediately set off. My destination for this day is actually the Sprengel Museum, from where I will do a museum check for you.

Since I have to cross the city centre to do this, I thought about simply looking to the left and right to see what there is to see. And here in Hannover there are some beautiful sights.

Shoppen in Hanover

Hanover is also known by many as a shopping city. In fact, one of the shopping streets starts right from the station: The Bahnhofstraße. And right below there are even more shops on the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade.



Right now I don’t need anything except a few sights. At the Kröpke I stop for a short time, because there is a small event island set up during the cebit.

Lectures from the cebit, for example, are transmitted here. Around this digital oasis there are a few food trucks for strengthening. Very nice idea. But I’m still going to cebit.

The first sight I encounter on my way to Hanover is the impressive opera building.


Hanover Market Hall

I turn into one of the side streets because I just saw a church tower in the corner of my eye. But first I come across the market hall in Hanover. Hmmm … from the outside it doesn’t look as nice as the market halls I usually see.

But I’ll go inside. Maybe there is something to discover. I’m glad that I didn’t just pass by. The market hall is a true food temple and at lunchtime it’s just mega full.


There are also normal market stalls here. But most stalls offer food and drinks: Italian, Spanish, Bavarian, Silesian, South African and so on. Everything smells so delicious. Unfortunately I’m still full, so I postpone my lunch a bit.

Hanover Market Church

Finally I come across the church, whose steeple I have seen from afar. It is the market church of Hanover. At first, I wind my way through a wedding party waiting for the photographer to finally have all the pictures of the bridal couple in the box.

I always like to go to churches. The doors are wide open. Inside there is a school class and a teacher lecturing. “Still questions?” Well, nobody really wants ask a question.

The teacher then reveals that she is going up the tower tomorrow and offers her students to come along. Enthusiasm looks different.

But my interest is aroused. Climbing the steeple?! A look at the blackboard shows me, however, that this visit to Hanover will be nothing to do with the ascent of the tower.

Travel tip: The tower tours take place irregularly on Fridays or Saturdays in each case at 16:00 clock. A previous registration is necessary under 0511-364 370. The tower guidance lasts 1.5 hours and costs 3, – Euro. I have taken this from a notice in the church.


I then go on and see some half-timbered houses in the corner of my eye. Half-timbered? In Hanover? Yes, quite unusual. But here in the Krämerstraße a beautiful half-timbered street has been preserved. Well, that’s not quite true.


The city planners wanted to show what Hanover looked like before the war. All still intact half-timbered houses in the city were dismantled. Here they were rebuilt together again.

The street scene you see here today never existed like this before the war. Also the Leibnizhaus, which stands here at the Holzmarkt, had a different location. As part of this measure, it was also rebuilt here for the beautiful ensemble.



The Oskar Winter Fountain stands picturesquely in front of the house and gives the half-timbered ensemble a cosy sound through the splashing.

And now turn the small ring. It is said that you can then return to Hanover or make a wish. That’s why the Hanoverians simply call it the “Wishing Well”.

With the beautiful impressions that I have collected here so far, I would definitely like to have a look at Hanover again – in other words, to make a good turn.

Hanover City Hall

A few walking minutes further on the beautiful new town hall of Hanover is built up in front of me. It is an imposing building in classicist style.


Instead of a town hall tower, the Hanoverians decided on a massive dome. In the style of the Reichstag in Berlin. After all, Hanover is not just any city – according to the self-conception of the Hanoverian citizens at that time.

In the hall I look at the four views of the city of Hanover at different times. Here, too, the large hall impresses. With its size and architecture, the town hall is one of the top sights in Hanover for me.

But now it goes first to the top. You can visit the dome or the viewing platform of the dome. For 3,50 Euro it goes then with the elevator on the first level of the dome.

And this is not just any elevator. This elevator is unique. With this arched elevator it first goes vertically upwards as usual and then it bends at an angle of 17 degrees.

An unusual feeling. And if you no longer trust your sense of balance, just look through the window hatch in the floor or roof.

If you want to get to the top, you have to climb a few steps up the stairs. If the weather is nice, you will have a 360-degree view of the city.

From up here you can also see the Maschpark, which stretches from the town hall in the direction of Maschsee.





In its middle lies the artificial pond, which offers benches in many places to linger.



When I crossed the crossroads at the end of the Maschpark, I could already see the light waves glistening blue and silver in the sun.

A group of girls sits on a small wall and enjoys the summer weather with an ice cream.

I stay here for a while and watch the sailor do his rounds on the Maschsee. Surrounded by palm trees in large flower pots, the moment reminds me a little of Lake Garda.






Lunch at bell’ARTE

The walk through Hanover in this beautiful weather made me hungry. I enter the bell’ARTE directly at the Sprengel Museum. The weather is so fantastic that I make myself comfortable on the terrace.



The scenery and the view of the Maschsee is only clouded by the four-lane road between me and the lake. The Insalata con pesce grigliato and the glass of white wine compensate me for this. Dolce vita in Hanover.

Sprengel Museum

But now cultura!

With a well strengthened stomach I now go to the Sprengel Museum. This museum for modern art offers numerous impressive works from the 20th and 21st centuries.



I’m actually a fan of the classical arts, but I’m always getting involved with modern art as well. In the case of the Sprengel Museum, that is supposed to have been a wise decision.

Art from Pablo Picasso to Paul Klee, from Franz Marc to Kurt Schwitters is shown on two levels in the Sprengel Museum. These are not only paintings, but also sculptures or other works of art. Of course, there’s also some confused stuff or four identical canvases in blue.

But I also discover some works that appeal to me from their idea, their realization or the possibilities of interpretation. For example, I noticed the work “Skull” by Niki de Saint Phalle.


Well, it’s not easy to get past him either. But it does stand out from the other works.

I also found Günter Haese’s creations exciting. These are actually rather handicraft works of art.

But these of such filigree craftsmanship and creativity that I looked at the individual works for a long time.




Especially in rainy weather the Sprengel Museum in Hanover is one of my top sights in Hanover.

Hanover State Museum

On the way back to the hotel I pass the Landesmuseum Hanover, which houses art and history from seven centuries.

There is not enough time for me to take another tour through the exhibition. But in passing, a view of the neo-Renaissance building in sunlight is also very nice.



I see a building of a completely different kind just a few minutes’ walk away. Right next to the new town hall, NordLB has set an architectural monument for itself. Cubes thrown wildly are swinging upwards.

But not higher than the town hall. NordLB had to be content with this. Modern architecture that is beautiful to look at from the outside. From the inside, the building should be like a terrarium in summer due to the many glass fronts. Extravagance always has its price.

But to photograph in summer sky it is a dream.


Aegidien Church

A little further on I see another building of an older date. Whereby one cannot speak of a building here any more. It is meanwhile a memorial and one of the special sights in Hanover.

The city fathers decided after the war not to rebuilt the Aegidien Church anymore. The church which was badly destroyed by the war was left as a memorial to the 2nd World War in this form.

The roof of the church nave was not rebuilt, so that I can look freely from the church into the sky.

A sight I have only seen in Ireland, where many monasteries, castles and towers were destroyed and not rebuilt in the Middle Ages and early modern times.

From Hiroshima, one of the twin towns of Hanover, a bell was donated which hangs down in the steeple.



Leibnizufer, Nanas and Flea Market

Hanover is also known for its Nanas. Three Nanas by Niki de Saint Phalle stand on the Leibniz shore of the Leine. With their curves and bright colours, the Nanas Sophie, Charlotte and Caroline bring a colourful and cheerful touch to the city.

On Saturday morning there is also a flea market on the shore. Since I completely forgot to photograph the Nanas, there is a Nana from the Sprengel Museum here.

The others I have to photograph for you during another stay in Hanover. How good that I have turned at the ring.




Conclusion of my city trip to Hannover

That were them: my top 8 sights in Hanover. Ok, who has counted, who will have counted the one or other sight additionally.

In fact, I have discovered on the wayside during my visit to the state capital of Lower Saxony the one or other sight more. But you will also see them when you do my little Hanover tour.

Anyway, Hanover has so much to offer that I decided to come here again. I find some museums very exciting and would like to have a look at them. In addition, the Herrenhäuser Gardens are also on my list of sights in Hanover.


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