Travel Tip Netherlands: A day at the beach in Scheveningen


During my city trip to The Hague I also made a day trip to the coast of Scheveningen. The sea always attracts me magically. Probably because my roots lie in an Italian fishing village. A day at the beach in Scheveningen: perfect!


An interesting way to get to the beach in Scheveningen from the centre of The Hague is to take the historic tram, which commutes regularly. So I can see a few sights in The Hague.

I also get some city information. Which I am glad about on my arrival in Scheveningen.


At the seaside there are always these small towns, which underline the beauty of the sea by their idyll. Here I first greet concrete blocks on arrival.

It’s really sad that they did this in such a beautiful place? I just walk through this building belt and then I see it already.


Ferris wheel on the beach in Scheveningen

The ferris wheel on the beach in Scheveningen! Jaha, it’s not just the Americans. The Dutch have the same thing.

On the pier in Scheveningen there has been a ferris wheel since August 2016. And that’s real… yeah, huge. It goes up 40 metres. I have to drive with that. Yes, yes!


But also the pier itself offers many possibilities for eating, drinking and having fun. Even if this red sofa is just magically attracting me, I want to ride with the new Ferris Wheel.


The further I go out onto the pier, the stronger the wind blows around me. When I stand directly at the ferris wheel and look up, I ask myself:”And with the wind do you want to go up there?


But I can’t miss this. So, into one of the 36 gondolas. Close the doors. Wow, the gondolas are even air-conditioned. In summer, a pleasant cooling in the burning sun. Then it goes uphill.

Something’s already storming. But I don’t have the feeling that anything about this construction is wobbling. Fortunately, because there’s something else you might not know.

I’m always a little bit queasy up there. The ferris wheel is my trial run on my little tour of South Holland. Because later it goes much higher – but I don’t know yet.


When the gondola stops at the top, I have a magnificent view of the sea. Despite the slightly drizzly weather. Great.


From up here I have a wonderful view of the promenade and the former spa house.

Spa hotel on the beach in Scheveningen

In the 1970s, it was decided to demolish all the old buildings. That’s why there are so many “modern” buildings, which I mentioned at the beginning.

Since the population protested against the demolition of all buildings, the old spa hotel, for example, was left standing and restored. And that’s really nice to look at.

It is reminiscent of old times when women in bathing suits and men with straw hats and canes sat on the beach. Meanwhile, little boys built their sandcastles dressed in naval outfits.

At least these pictures come to my mind when I look at the old spa house.



The weather is clearing up more and more. Another Ferris wheel? Nope. The line is too long. I prefer to enjoy the sun and the wind that blows in my face on the beach.


So I walk along this wonderful beach in Scheveningen and later along the promenade towards the marina.


Museum Beelden aan Zee

I also pass the Beelden aan Zee Museum, which exhibits sculptures created after the Second World War. In front of the museum I discover the SprookjesBeelden aan Zee, the fairytale pictures and fairytale figures at the sea.

Admittedly, you can hardly overlook them – at least not the “Heringesser”.

These figures created by Tom Otterness are freely accessible on the promenade terraces. Most of the time they have sad faces. Still, I think she’s cute. This tension fascinates me somehow.

The sculptures are definitely worth seeing during a visit to Scheveningen.


De Haringeter by Tom Otterness. The fairy tale is about a little boy who has eaten so much herring that he grew up quickly. Then he was allowed to go out to sea with the fishermen.




Face of women by Igor Mitoraj

I decide to enjoy the beach and the sea in this beautiful weather. Therefore no museum check. I can still visit museums in The Hague. I would like to visit the museum Beelden aan Zee on another occasion.


I also pass a lighthouse. A lighthouse is simply a part of such a place by the sea. And I also discovered bizarre things here.


A whole wall full of knick-knacks and krams. Kind of funny. I wonder if residents have hung things on the wall. The result is at least this street artwork.

Marina in Scheveningen

A few steps further on I get my first view of the marina. The sun is now shining on the water.


Nevertheless, a light wind still blows, so that the boats gently sway back and forth. I always find that very reassuring. Plus a seagull’s scream.

Oh, wonderful. I’m by the sea. And what else can you do by the sea?

Good food! I’ll do the same thing now. The fresh sea air made me really hungry. Here, some restaurants line up like a string of pearls. I decide for…


Restaurant Catch de Simonis

It reminds me a little bit of the Gosch on the cliff on Sylt. Inside it is very styled and you can sit on different levels. If the weather is fine, you can sit outside at one of the tables to watch the hustle and bustle of the marina.


But more important, of course, is the taste. For the starter I chose the “Stellendamse garnalen” and for the main course I chose “Schol”, Scholen fillet on green vegetables with smoky lobster sauce.

Add fries, of course. It can also be a delicious white wine. I don’t have to drive.

Good. Full. Fits.


After this beautiful day at the beach of Scheveningen I ride the normal tram back to downtown The Hague and fall contentedly into the cozy bed of the Hotel Des Indes, where I pitch my tents for the next days. The “tents” at this hotel are clearly understated.

More infos Beach of Scheveningen

Opening hours Ferris wheel Scheveningen

  • Daily between 10:00 and 20:00 o’ clock.
  • Travel time: 10 minutes.
  • Price Ferris wheel Scheveningen: adults 9, – Euro; children under 12 years 7, – Euro; family ticket 24, – Euro.
  • Possibility to have lunch and dinner or an afternoon tea in the gondolas.
  • VIP Gondola: Luxury seats, glass floor. Travel time 20 minutes. 55, – Euro per cabin (max. four persons).
  • More information about the project

Opening hours Museum Beelden aan Zee

  • Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Closed on Mondays!
  • Entrance fees: adults 15, – Euro, children 13-18 years 7,50 Euro, with museum ticket free of charge.
  • More information about the project

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