Turkey Holidays – a trip to Alanya


With my luggage I am ready for a holiday at the Frankfurt airport and wait for my plane to be able to board the plane for my Turkey holidays. Everything’s working fine… the way it always does. But when I’m on the plane, nothing happens. Nothing happens for an hour. What happens then and why I am writing about a package holiday in Turkey, you can find out in this article.


The plane is stopped and now my trip to Turkey would have to start so slowly. But nothing happens. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, then an announcement:”We’re having trouble with the transmission – a technical team is looking at it.”

Okay?! 30 minutes, 40 minutes. Hmmm… this is taking a long time. Do I even want to fly this plane anymore? I’m thinking about it when this thought lost its basis:”Ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to leave the machine. A spare machine will be dispatched. Further information is available at the counter.”

How long does a replacement machine take?

Taking the hand luggage back to me and going to the counter I wonder, is the spare machine already in Frankfurt? Does it have to fly here first? How long is this gonna take? I get the answer to my questions at the counter and would like to forget them right away. But the screens in the airport also make it very clear to me.


Yes, a little out of focus. But that’s the truth. Departure to Turkey holiday 13 hours and 20 minutes later than planned. What? What am I doing the 13 hours or 12, because I have already spent one hour in the plane.

At least I got a “great” food voucher for the 12 hours: 10, – Euro. Thank you! I’m getting to know Frankfurt Airport better today. But I am using the time and using my mobile phone to find out about EU air passenger rights in the event of a delay.

Arrival in Alanya – Turkey holidays can begin

Finally, it all starts at some point. Not at 11:45 p. m., of course, but rather a little late – logical. At some point we land in Turkey and the feeder takes us to the hotel: Maritim Hotel Club Alantur (Update: Hotel group changed and the hotel is closed since 2017). In this case the last one on the tour. I finally arrive at 7:00 in the morning.

Time to go to the breakfast buffet, right? Sleeping really doesn’t make any sense. The sun is already shining and I’m hungry too. Afterwards I explore the hotel and lie down on the beach and garden of the hotel. 9:00 p. m. – finally after 36 hours on your feet: hotel bed. The hotel room is located at the eastern end of Alanya city, so you don’t have the trouble of the lively city in your hotel room all the time.


Spacious gardens surround the hotel

The next day I walk through the hotel’s spacious grounds and wonder why this hotel is so different from the usual bed castles in Alanya. An employee tells me that the founder of the hotel had already built these facilities decades ago. At a time when mass tourism did not yet exist in Turkey. At that time the hotel already had a high standard.


This also explains another characteristic of the hotel, which I notice positively. The hotel does not consist of a large hotel complex, but of smaller units that are only four floors high.


Between the hotel buildings and the beach there is also a large green area under palm trees, where you can retreat if the sun is too bright.

The delay in departure is already forgotten after one day of holiday Turkey vacation, so I am relaxed after only a short time. The days I spend alternating with food, relaxing on the beach, reading on the greenery,….


Why Seljukenburg attracts me magically

Today I am attracted by the Seldschukenburg, which I always take a look at from the beach. To get into town, I take one of the regularly driving Dolmush. This is much cheaper than a taxi. From there I venture the climb. It’s pretty exhausting in this heat. Take a lot of water with you and choose a day that’s not so hot. Because the sun is burning even more upstairs.



On the other hand, it is a successful distraction and enrichment for bathing holidays. The view from the castle over the wide sea and the hilly landscape is magnificent.


For me, it still has a very personal charm to walk through these old walls and feel the history that took place here. I studied Turkish studies in the second minor subject and the Seljuk people ran into me more often in my books.



Back to the hotel room, I have a small meal and feel good. There is only an hour’s supply gap here, by the way. I read a few more lines in a book and then I start the evening buffet.

Here I can already be satisfied with the various salads. Every day, 20 of these are on the buffet, ten of which are always new. The other dishes also leave nothing to be desired in terms of variety and abundance.


The beach’s moving, isn’t it?

Very happy about the delicious food, I walk through the garden landscape and sit down in the bar and listen to the animated music. After a while I take another long drink and sit down at the jetty, which rises from the hotel beach into the sea.

I look at the hill on which Seljukenburg Castle is enthroned – now illuminated by numerous lights. A romantic moment. When I suddenly noticed a movement in the corner of my eyes on the beach. Or was I mistaken. No, it’s moving again. They’re turtles. I don’t want to bother them, so I don’t go nearer and I don’t take a picture.


The next day I ask the hotel staff again. I can’t believe what he’s telling me. The turtles lay eggs here on the hotel beach. The area is so extensive that we tourists are spread out on the numerous pools, in the garden, on the meadows and the beach, that the turtles even find the peace and quiet to lay their eggs here. In fact, I see the area on the beach where I sensed the turtle yesterday.

I hadn’t imagined all these impressions during an All inclusive Turkey vacation. I arrive in Germany after two weeks – without flight delays – well rested and well recovered.


But why now this contribution about my Turkey vacation, when it should be about individual trips on this blog. First of all, I would like to inform you about the EU air passenger rights in case of delays, because I have made some experiences, which I would like to share with you in a further contribution.

In addition, the delay at the beginning of the trip on holiday in Turkey made me think about it. If I’m going to do a train ride, flight and transfer to the hotel room, I need six to eight hours. Where do I actually get to when I go on my next holiday with my own car? You can find the answer here.

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