What did you have to see in Brunswick?


One of my last trips took me to Brunswick. During this city trip to the second largest city in Lower Saxony I visited some sights. What did you have to see in Brunswick? These five places you should not miss on your visit.

5 places you have to see in Brunswick

  • Brunswick Cathedral
  • Happy Rizzi House
  • Magniviertel
  • Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum
  • Old Town Market

Brunswick Cathedral

In the first place, of course, is the Cathedral of Brunswick. As in many cities, the cathedral towers above the whole city in Braunschweig.


The guided tours of the Cathedral Guild are particularly suitable. They are free of charge from Monday to Friday at 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. except from the beginning of January to mid-March.

During the guided tour you will learn a lot about the history of the cathedral. In addition, the one or other history of the city of Braunschweig is told.


The special thing about this cathedral is that it is not a parish church, but a burial ground. There is therefore a cemetery under the cathedral. But as so often: nobles and patricians lie in a special place: in the crypt. Ordinary citizens were buried outside the church. A walk through the crypt is worthwhile.


Here are richly decorated coffins that can be seen from a distance. I discovered even nicer coffins in the Georgenkirche in Eisenach.

Here in Braunschweig, in the cathedral, a person of history has also found his final resting place. In the Guelph’s tomb you can see the sarcophagi of Henry the Lion and his wife Mathilde.


Duration of stay: 1.5 to 2 hours

Happy Rizzi House

What did you have to see in Brunswick? Definitely the Happy Rizzi House. This sight in Brunswick is much more colourful and fun.

Visually it is a clear contrast to the rather historical hotspots in Brunswick. This house, created by the American artist James Rizzi, is located on the farmyard.


Very colourful, isn’t it? I inevitably have to start smiling when I see the likeable faces. The Happy Rizzi House is simply in a good mood.

Today, the administration of the New Yorker fashion chain is based there. Too bad you can’t just go in like that. But that’s how the extraordinary building will be preserved.


Duration of stay: 15 minutes

While you’re here: Happy Rizzi House is in the Magniviertel. You should take a look at this. Why?

Magniviertel in Brunswick

The Magniviertel, which has its origins in the 15th century, is the rustic and cosy Braunschweig. Here stands not only the oldest building of the city, but many other half-timbered houses. They are distributed in small parts throughout the entire district.


Unfortunately, the oldest building is in an unfortunate condition. Hopefully there will be an investor there who will soon make something of it again. A very special place in the Magniviertel is the area around the Magnikirche.


In a beautiful semicircle, half-timbered houses with beautiful facades can be admired around the church.


Duration of stay: 30 minutes to 1 hour

If you have walked comfortably from the Rizzi house over the Magnikirche further in the direction of Magnitor through the whole quarter, then it is not far any more. In only five minutes you have reached an impressive museum on foot.

The Herzog Anton Ullrich Museum

The museum, which is called HAUM for short by the people of Braunschweig, is also an impressive sight from the outside. Especially in sunny weather it is a real eye-catcher when the blue sky and the sun are reflected in the windows.


The real treasures of HAUM are, of course, behind these facades. With works accumulated over 250 years, HAUM is one of the most important museums for ancient art in Germany. More than 4,000 works of art can be admired.


In addition to an extensive collection of paintings and prints, there are also sculptures, porcelain and other handicrafts on display.

HAUM’s main location here is Museumstraße 1, while another location, which includes a significantly smaller exhibition, is at Braunschweig Cathedral in Dankwarderode Castle.

Small but powerful. There you can see the original Braunschweig lion.


Duration of stay at HAUM

  • Location Museumstraße: 1,5 to 2,5 hours (but then you are full)
  • Location Burg Dankwarderode: 30 minutes

Old Town Market in Braunschweig

Don’t miss out on the Old Town Market when you visit Braunschweig. As in the other traditional districts of Brunswick, historical buildings are also located in the Old Town in the central square.

St. Martini church and town hall as well as the market place with the Marienbrunnen lie close together.


Why a visit here is worthwhile is not only because of this beautiful ensemble on the Old Town Market Square. The city museum of Braunschweig is located on the ground floor of the Old Town Hall and in the historic cellar vault.


Admission is free and if you are lucky, there is one of the honorary museum attendants. It was a stroke of luck on my visit. I learned a lot about the city of Braunschweig and its history.

Furthermore I now have some more places worth seeing in Braunschweig on my list. I’ll take a look at them on my next visit to Braunschweig.


Duration of stay: approx. 2 hours (square, museum and church)

The filigree façade of the Gewandhaus and the old Customs and Landwehrhaus are also worth seeing on this square alongside these buildings. By the way, you can also eat well at the Old Town Market. Try the Monkey Rosé wine brasserie.

So? What did you have to see in Brunswick?

After my stay these are the five places you should have visited in Braunschweig on a weekend or short trip. Braunschweig has a lot more to offer for a longer stay. So: Pack your suitcase!

If you have visited the city, then write a few tips in a comment. I’d like that.

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