What did you have to see in Magdeburg?


Let’s go on my city trip to Magdeburg. At the beginning of my journey, the question arises: What must one have seen in Magdeburg? After my visit I have put together five places for you to visit in the Ottostadt.

5 places you should have seen in Magdeburgs

  • Magdeburg Cathedral “St. Mauritius and St. Katharina”
  • The Hundertwasser House in Magdeburg – The Green Citadel
  • Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark
  • Gruson Greenhouses
  • Albinmüller Tower

Magdeburg Cathedral “St. Mauritius and St. Katharina”

Already from a distance you can see one of the most impressive sights in Magdeburg: The cathedral in Magdeburg. This cathedral, built from 1207 onwards, offers various guided tours. I particularly recommend the tour of one of the two towers.


After a total of 433 steps I have a fantastic view of the city of Magdeburg from up there – at a height of over 100 metres. During the ascent you will learn a lot about the history, architecture and life in the time around the construction of Magdeburg Cathedral.


But a walk or a guided tour through the imposing interior of the sacred building is also worthwhile.

  • Duration of the tour of the tower: approx. 2 hours
  • Cost of tower tour: 6,- Euro
  • Duration of stay in the cathedral: approx. 1.5 hours
  • Costs cathedral guidance: 5,- to 6,- Euro

The Hundertwasser House in Magdeburg

From the tower of Magdeburg Cathedral, the strangest sight in the Ottostadt Magdeburg can be seen well. What did you have to see in Magdeburg? In any case, the matte pink Hundertwasserhaus.


Round window arches, white domes and golden balls are just some of the stylistic elements that make this building so extraordinary and worth seeing. The best thing to do is to stop by after a tour of the café and let the building have an effect on you.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser completed this building in 2005 as an “oasis for humanity and nature in a sea of rational houses”. Due to the numerous plantings, the Hundertwasserhaus in Magdeburg is also called the “Green Citadel”.

In the Hundertwasserhaus there are not only commercial enterprises and apartments. You can also experience the feeling of living in the Hundertwasserhaus in a hotel located in the building.

  • There are public guided tours. Current dates and entrance fees can be found on the website of the Green Citadel.

Duration of stay: 30 to 45 minutes

Get a first impression in this one-minute video. Beautiful architecture.

The Gruson Greenhouses

If you like it even greener, then I recommend a visit to the greenest sight in Magdeburg. The Gruson Greenhouses are located in the south of the city, in the Klosterbergegarten on the Elbe.


The collection was created by the industrialist Hermann Gruson at the end of the 19th century. Today, almost 4,000 plant species can be admired. I enjoyed walking through the different greenhouses and looking at the different plants.

But there are also some bizarre creatures from the animal world to admire here

Stay: approx. 1.5 hours

The Albinmüller Tower

After visiting the Gruson greenhouses you can take a look over the roofs of Magdeburg. For 2,- Euro entrance fee it goes on the opposite bank of the Elbe to the Albinmüller Tower for me.


You can choose either the lift or the steps here. The tower was built in the Golden Twenties of the 20th century. Even though it is not an architectural masterpiece from today’s point of view, it was at that time an expression of the style of New Building. Worth a visit for a great view.

Duration of stay: 15 to 30 minutes


The Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark

Just outside Magdeburg, the Millennium Tower in the Elbauenpark can be visited on the former BUGA site. From a distance it looks like a struck cone.

This is worth seeing for two reasons: it is worth climbing up to the tower to see the city and region from an airy height of 43 metres from the observation platform.


The interior of the Millennium Tower is just as exciting. On various levels and on an area of over 8,000 m2 there are numerous insights and exhibitions on the topics of history, technology and science.

Many of the exhibits are for trying out and taking part, so that the walk through the millennium tower is really worthwhile.

Duration of stay: 2,5 hours

What did you have to see in Magdeburg?

These were my top 5 places you should have seen in Magdeburg. If you have visited the city, then write a few tips in a comment. I’d like that.

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