What do you have to see in Ulm?


The city of Ulm has been on my travel list for quite some time. Recently I took an extended weekend trip to this town. Before that, of course, I asked myself: What do you have to see in Ulm? After my visit I can recommend some places.

5 places you have to see in Ulm!

  • Ulm Cathedral – the highest church in the world!
  • Museum of Bread Culture – Give us today our daily bread.
  • Fishing district with the Leaning House
  • Ulm City Hall
  • Weishaupt Art Gallery and Museum Ulm

Ulm Cathedral – the highest church in the world!

Ulm’s cathedral is at the top of the list of places of interest in Ulm that you should visit. Well, it is also quite difficult not to pass the Ulm cathedral during a visit to Ulm.

This highlight will probably even attract a considerable number of Ulm tourists. Highlight? Why Highlight?


Maybe you can already guess it from this picture. When I stand in front of Ulm Cathedral, I feel quite small. And there’s a reason for that. Well, certainly, Ulm’s cathedral is high. But it’s not just high. Ulm Cathedral is the highest church in the world. Seriously!


So I’m not only looking at the interior of Ulm Cathedral. It also drives me up and I climb the 768 steps up to the top of the church tower. Whew. Thanks to the fantastic weather I have a magnificent view of the city of Ulm and the region. It’s getting a little cold up here.


However, if the weather is good, it is essential to take the time to climb up to Ulm Cathedral.

Length of stay

  • Inside: 1 hour
  • Tower ascent: 1.5 hours

Museum of Bread Culture Ulm

The Museum für Brotkultur is about 5 minutes away from this superlative. As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to bread. Can this mundane subject captivate me?

For some time now I have been looking more closely at my diet and the foods I eat. This includes the daily bread. What’s in it these days?! I can’t believe it. So my initial interest in the museum’s theme was aroused.


Von den Anfängen bis hin zur heutigen industriellen Produktion beleuchtet das Museum das Thema “Brot”. The importance of bread for the respective society is also always shown. Before my visit to the bread museum, I didn’t expect this theme to catch me.


However, after visiting the exhibition I can recommend a visit to the Museum of Bread Culture. Incidentally, this museum also has one superlative: it is the first bread museum in Germany.

Since its foundation in 1955, the company has always kept up with the times, so that modern presentation techniques bring the topic closer. I can consume the contents in a modern way – like fresh bread.

Duration of stay: 1 hour

For more information click here > website of the Museum für Brotkultur.

Fischereiviertel with the Schiefen Haus

If you are looking for the rustic and cosy Ulm, then you are right in the Fischereiviertel. It is a nice walk through the narrow alleys to look at the old half-timbered houses.


But what’s that there? That’s totally wrong. That’s right! That is why the name of this house is also significant: The Schiefe Haus. It can sometimes be that simple. It is one of the highlights here in the Fischereiviertel. You can also stay overnight there.


You’re getting hungry? If you want to have lunch now, I recommend the “Zunfthaus”. Here you will find the right dish for everyone. The menu also includes numerous local specialities.

The locals, who also ate here, are for me another indication that one can stop here well.


Length of stay in the Fischreiviertel: 30 minutes

Ulmer Rathaus

I have enough strength for the next sight during my stay in Ulm. But before I look at modern art, I pass the Ulm city hall.

What do you have to see in Ulm? In any case this combination of the old city hall and the modern city library.


During a short stay I circumnavigate the historic town hall and take a look at the paintings on the outer façade of the town hall.

However, I do ask myself why the doctrinal paintings about virtues, commandments and vices can be found on the outer wall. It would probably be much better to keep them in the Council Chamber.


But at least this way I can admire the 15th century paintings. You can also marvel at the richly decorated astronomical clock that adorns Ulm’s town hall around 1520.

Duration of stay: 15 minutes

Kunsthalle Weishaupt und Museum Ulm

After so much history, we now move on to modern art. The Kunsthalle Weishaupt is only a stone’s throw away from the town hall. Even though I am not a confessing fan of modern art, I always give it a chance.


The Kunsthalle Weishaupt shows works from the private collection of the entrepreneur Siegfried Weishaupt. Only part of the collection is presented to the public under a specific motto.


It’s a bit more classic in construction across the street. The Museum Ulm is located here. With the combined ticket you can walk across the glass bridge across Neue Straße to the adjacent Museum Ulm and look further.


The Museum Ulm is already an architectural challenge. Since it consists of several buildings with different levels, I needed something until I understood the elevator logic.


The Museum Ulm has a lot to offer about archaeology, old and modern art and the history of the city. At the same time, there are always special exhibitions that offer completely different insights.

During my visit I was lucky to see the exhibition “Expect miracles! The subtitle “Das Museum als Kuriositätenkabinett und Wunderkammer” did not promise too much. I enjoyed many surprises.

length of stay

Kunsthalle Weishaupt: 1 hour

Ulm Museum: 1-2 hours

What do you have to see in Ulm? That’s a start.

Those would be my five places you should see in town. But in such nice weather as in the pictures, I also spent a lot of time on the banks of the Danube. There is a beautiful path along the city wall.


Here stands the Metzgerturm and offers with the adjoining city wall an exciting scenery on the Danube. But also the rose garden invites you to linger. Ulm offers you further beautiful places for a short trip in addition to Ulm Cathedral.

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